Function Header

 * @dev Decreases the flow rate allowance for flow operator and removes the permissions
 * @notice allowing userData to be a parameter here triggered stack too deep error
 * @param token The token used in flow
 * @param flowOperator The address whose flow rate allowance is subtracted
 * @param permissionsToRemove The permissions to remove for the flow operator
 * @param subtractedFlowRateAllowance amount to subtract allowance by
function decreaseFlowRateAllowanceWithPermissions(
    ISuperfluidToken token,
    address flowOperator,
    uint8 permissionsToRemove,
    int96 subtractedFlowRateAllowance
) internal returns (bool)


Using decreaseFlowRateAllowanceWithPermissions requires understanding the permissionsToAdd parameter.

ACL Permission are designated with the ACL permissions bitmask. Basically, the permissions level you provide in permissionsToAdd is appended to the existing permissions as though you are saying this account now has its existing permissions EXCEPT the new permissions defined by permissionsToAdd. See the example below.

Example Usage

// Alice currently has permissions of 7 (Create or Update or Delete)
// We want to remove her ability to Delete and
// decrease her flow rate allowance by 100 wei/sec

    4,        // Delete is represented by 4 on the ACL bitmask

// Now Alice has 100 more wei/sec less by which she can increase the senders stream
// and now has only permissions to Create or Update streams for the sender.
// That effectively gives Alice permissions of 3 (Create or Update).

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