Deploying a Wrapper Super Token

Let's make a Super Token Wrapper for your ERC20 token

You can learn more about what Wrapper Super Tokens are HERE.

Anyone can deploy a Wrapper Super Token for any ERC20 token. The deployer account doesn't receive any control or admin powers, and all Super Token logic upgrades are handled by Superfluid Protocol Governance.

Deploying Using Community Deployer Interface

This web app by community member serox.eth provides an easy way to deploy a wrapper

Deploying Using Block Explorer

1. Head to Super Token Factory contract for appropriate network πŸ‘‡

If a network is missing here, head over to the Superfluid Console, select the network and click the explorer link for the SuperTokenFactory contract address.

2. Connect wallet.

3. Find the createERC20Wrapper function with 5 parameters. Refer to the below image and provide the required parameters with no additional characters.

4. Click Write and confirm through your wallet. Congrats, you've created a new Wrapper Super Token!

5. To find the address of your new Wrapper Super Token, go to the transaction hash and click on the "Logs" tab. The address is in the "SuperTokenCreated" event log (SUNNYx example).

Alternatively, search your token in the top right search bar and find it in the drop down

Deploying Using Deployment Scripts

We've created some handy scripts for deploying the ERC20 Wrapper contract.

git clone
yarn install --frozen-lockfile
yarn build
cd packages/ethereum-contracts
cp .env.template .env

# edit .env file and configure the correct mnemonic and rpc endpoint
# check truffle-config.js for what environment variables are required

Now you can use the deploy-unlisted-super-token.js script to deploy the wrapper:

RELEASE_VERSION=v1 npx truffle --network <xdai or matic> \
exec ops-scripts/deploy-unlisted-super-token.js : \
<Underlying Token Address> \
<SuperToken Name> \
<SuperToken Symbol>

If you are wrapping an existing token, like DAI or USDC, please use suffix "x" in the SuperToken symbol.

Adding Token to Superfluid Dashboard

Congrats on deploying your Super Token! If you'd like to see it listed on the Superfluid Dashboard, check out this page πŸ‘‡

πŸ—³οΈpageToken Dashboard Submission

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