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What is Superfluid?

Superfluid is a revolutionary asset streaming protocol that brings subscriptions, salaries, vesting, and rewards to DAOs and crypto-native businesses worldwide. This is made possible by the protocol’s smart contract framework which introduces the Super Token - an extension to the ERC20 standard that enables digital value to be moved in entirely novel ways.
The Superfluid framework & Super Token standard can be used to add dynamic balances to tokens on chain, describing cash flows and executing them automatically over time in a non-interactive way. Any token can be transferred in Superfluid streams, which are programmable, composable, and modular. No capital is locked up, and all inflows and outflows are netted in real-time at every block without consuming any gas. The code is fully open source, while the protocol is non-custodial and permissionless.

Token-Centric Framework

The Super Token is an extension of the ERC20 standard that has additional powerful value-movement abilities beyond the basic "transfer". We call these abilities Super Agreements.
Currently there are two additional Super Agreements:
"Money Streams" - Constant Flow Agreement (CFA): move tokens in constant-rate by-the-second streams between accounts with no capital lock up.
"Instant Distributions" - Instant Distribution Agreement (IDA): assign proportions to many receiving accounts and lump-distribute tokens to them on the basis of the set proportions
These agreements modify the balance of Super Tokens just like basic transfers would! There's no claiming/settling/etc. involved - Superfluid instantly settles everything within the Super Token balance.


ERC20 tokens are the most composable Web3 primitive we know of - you can borrow against them, exchange them, stake them, the list is endless. Since all Superfluid boils down to is an extended ERC20 token, its composability is limitless as well.
You can do all those basic ERC20 things in addition to the many possibilities introduced by money streams and instant distributions. Imagine a contract where you stake an NFT and receive a stream of Super Tokens straight to your wallet in return (no need to claim). Or, imagine a dollar-cost averaging protocol that scalably distributes Super Tokens straight to investor wallets with a fixed gas cost.
Unprecedented mechanisms like this are made possible by the composability of Super Tokens.