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In-Depth Overview

A conceptual deep dive into the Superfluid Protocol
Oh, you're approaching me?

What is Superfluid?

Superfluid is a smart contract framework that adds new ways to move digital value to the traditional ERC20 token standard we know and love.
Superfluid consists of 4 main components: Super Tokens, Super Agreements, Super Apps, and the Superfluid Host. Read this overview to understand the "what" and the "how" behind these components and how they interrelate.


First, learn about these Superfluid-enabled tokens which are the base of the Superfluid Protocol
Then, understand these Super Agreement features we've made which give Super Tokens cool untraditional value transfer methods (like money streaming!)
Next, learn about Super Apps which are smart contracts that can respond to Super Agreements with custom logic.
And finally, get to know what brings all these parts together - the Superfluid Host.