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Use Cases

Understand some of the major applications of the Superfluid Protocol
Superfluid is about changing how we experience money!

What Can Superfluid Be Used For?

Superfluid is first and foremost a protocol built with developers in mind. It is modular, extensible, and allows for the creation of completely new and unique financial experiences and applications.
Read this Use Case section to understand core areas of these applications and get inspiration on what you can start building with us!


Superfluid revolutionizes on-chain automating recurring payments - think salaries, subscriptions, etc. 🔁
Superfluid's extreme composability allows you to build powerful real-time DeFi applications - think dollar-cost averaging and novel lending protocols 💸
Superfluid can also be leveraged as a powerful tool to build better on-chain community incentivization and engagement systems 👨‍👩‍👦
And lastly, we enable a range of efficiencies for Web3 gaming 🎮