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Social tokens give PCR a new

Gradual Social Token Incentives

Instead of airdropping social tokens to community members and creator audiences in one go, what if you could stream social tokens to them by-the-second over time? This is powerful as it is more aligned with ongoing loyalty.

For example, the longer a community NFT holder holds their NFT, the more social tokens they will accrue. This is opposed to the NFT holder getting the airdrop at once and immeadiately selling the NFT as the airdrop has been acquired.

Check out Reverb, a hackathon project that uses this concept. Reverb's music platform streams social tokens to individuals for the different artists they listen to πŸ‘‡

Perpetual Conditional Rewards (PCR)

Superfluid Protocol has plenty of potential to improve the way we incentivize our communities. One good example of this is the PCR model.

With the PCR, rewards can be distributed to participants ($PCR holders in the graphic) based on their progress towards a particular KPI metric. Funding of rewards can be done with money streams and the distribution to participants is accomplished with the Superfluid Instant Distribution Agreement. The KPI completion status is verified with UMA's KPI Options.

A community might use this to incentivize members to boost Twitter followers (the KPI being follower count) or development activity (the KPI being # of GitHub repo stars) and in all, to provide a scalable incentive system to reward members for driving results.

Read more on the PCR concept here πŸ‘‡

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