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Super Tokens

Tokens with super powers!

What are Super Tokens?

The Super Token is our extension of the ERC20 token standard that plugs into the Superfluid Protocol to include Super Agreement abilities. These Super Agreements allow Super Tokens to be moved in powerful ways such as in streams or instant distributions.
Super Tokens can do everything that a traditional ERC20 token can PLUS new modes of value transfer enabled by Superfluid (i.e., money streaming)
This section will show you how to develop code that interacts with Super Tokens. For something more conceptual, check out this simple conceptual breakdown 👇

Super Token Varieties

While all Super Tokens share the same basic features, there are three primary variations:
  • Wrapper - wrap an existing underlying ERC20
  • Pure - exist only as Super Tokens, no underlying token
  • Native - wrap a native asset (such as MATICx for MATIC on Polygon chain)