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How can I query month-on-month stats for Superfluid stream senders? e.g. monthly amount streamed, number of streams started/stopped, etc?

πŸ’‘ NOTE: you probably want to define what start/end of the month means and be consistent and transparent about it: e.g. 12AM of the first of month 11:59PM on the last day of the month.

ATS = AccountTokenSnapshot

  • it requires queries at the start and end of a month and a set of sender addresses and tokens they are interested in.

  • find the block.timestamp for the months you’re interested in

  • execute a query for ATS(s) for a set of senders and token at the start of a month/end of a month (timestamps).

  • you could then get the delta between the two entities (end date ATS - start date ATS) on the two queries on the follow fields of AccountTokenSnapshot

  • totalNumberOfActiveStreams

  • totalNumberOfClosedStream

  • totalAmountStreamedInUntilUpdatedAt

  • for this last property, you need to do a check for both the start and end of month timestamp values you used for the query and check if it is equal to updatedAtTimestamp (it’s pretty much almost never going to be)

  • and you’ll need to calculate the actual totalAmountStreamedIn

  • e.g. if totalAmountStreamedUntilUpdatedAt = 1, updatedAtTimestamp = 10 and start of month timestamp = 15 and outflowRate = 1, your actual totalAmountStreamedIn for start of month is 6

  • You’ll have to do the same for the end of the month

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