Super App Deployment Guide

Obtaining keys for super app deployment

Looking for instructions on how to deploy a super app? Check out our guide on github:

Check out this thorough guide on mainnet deployment and forking from omnifient, a community contributor.

Deploying Upgradeable Super Apps

Super Apps allow for a tight integration with the protocol. As for now, only Super Apps approved by governance can be registered and thus become operational.

If you want to deploy a Super App to a mainnet, you can choose between 2 options for how to get it registered:

  1. Request a registration key tied to a deployer account. Such a key can be used repeatedly, but may eventually expire. Registration is done via ISuperfluid.registerAppWithKey().

  2. Provide the address of a factory contract which gets permission to register an unlimited number of Super Apps. Registration is done via ISuperfluid.registerAppByFactory().

You can find the interface description for the registration methods here.

In order to request a registration key or whitelisting of a factory contract, please create a request issue with the relevant information.

If requesting a registration key, please also provide an deployer address you want to have it associated to. If requesting a factory whitelisting, please provide a link to the contract with verified source code on an Explorer or sourcify.

By choosing to take the registerAppByFactory route, you forgo the need to register via constructor and can make your Super Apps upgradeable.

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